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Certificate No. 1MZESUZXA7
Name (First Name / Last Name)
Chương Trương Võ Hồng
Course Title
Revit Structure (Fundamental Level)
Autodesk Revit (2017-2020)
Phạm Thanh Song

This certification examines software skills at a fundamental level. User can using basic tools, view and review the model, build a fundamental step for in-depth study and further training. Users should regularly practice and use the software for at least 6 months to a year to be able to apply fluently in real work.
Used for Revit Structure at Autodesk Revit version 2017-2020 with the following criteria:

Create and modify levels
Create and modify structureal grids
Import AutoCAD files into Revit
Link Revit models
Control the visibility for linked objects
Using temporary dimensions
Annotate beams
Add and modify text annotations
Add and use dimensions and dimension labels
Create and modify column schedules
Create and modify footing schedules
Place and modify structural columns
Place and modify walls
Create custom wall types
Place footings
Create a concrete slabs and/or floors
Add beams
Create and modify floors
Create and modify custom floors
Create and modify stairs
Create section views
Create framing elevations

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  • Certificate name (tên chứng chỉ): Revit Structure (Fundamental Level)
  • Published place (nơi phát hành): OneCAD Vietnam Co., Ltd
  • Release date (ngày phát hành): 27/01/2018
  • URL: https://autodeskatc.vn/Certificate?code=1MZESUZXA7

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